Monthly Archives: February 2022

Children’s Mental Health Week

Today year 5 watched an inspiring assembly on mental health.¬†This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and a chance to really express and think about our own mental health.
Everyone needs to get support and we get support from a variety of people; parents, friends, siblings, trusted adults and other family members – even pets!
It is important that we recognise we get comfort from so many different places. Getting comfort, positive affirmations, guidance or just to listen or be around you is also a comfort and a support.
We also looked at thinking about our breathing. Breathing is something we do naturally but when we are stressed, upset, angry or excited our breathing gets quicker. It is important to learn how to regulate our breathing and bring it back down.
We traced our hands and took deep breaths in, held it, then took strong breaths out, while tracing up and down our fingers.
We noticed it helped us empty our minds and relax.
Wonderful relaxation.

Time to Think

Today year5 looked at reflection and quiet time in Christianity.
Christians will have quiet time to reflect on the word of God written in the Bible.
 They watched a video about Beth, who would sit and read the Bible every morning. She would write parts she liked, her thoughts and her feelings.
She said that it has made her life so much better, improving her relationship with her family and her friends.
We all need quiet time, to think about decisions, our days and our feelings.

Experimenting with Materials

Today Year 5 have been thinking about investigating properties of materials again.
The class needed to think about ensuring a fair test while investigating the properties kitchen towels (three types).
They decided to look for absorbency (how absorbent the towel is, which is how much water it soaks up).
It was not easy making sure they accounted for all the variables and ensuring the experiment was fair.
How can you put all three strips of kitchen towel into water at the SAME time?
They eventually realised that the kitchen towel could be put onto one cane, so that they can be placed into the water at exactly the same time.
Also, that there had to be a timer to ensure the amount of time was the same.
Well done Year 5.
We are doing the experiment this week, so let’s see how it goes.

Kindness and Caring

Over the holiday we discovered what Destiny and her Mum do every New Year. With other friends, they show their kindness to the homeless making sure they have what they need and bringing a smile to their faces. Here’s Destiny with one of her motivational post-its, and a lovely response from one of the people she helped. Well done Destiny and Mum! Our value word this month is caring – you are showing it in action!