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Today Year 5 were given a real lesson in injustice! The class were led to believe that Lexi was said to have ripped up a library book (a thing she would never have done!). She was “sent” to Mrs Butterworth. Don’t worry, Lexi was in on the task and played a great part in the scenario. The class were then asked if they knew anything about the incident.

The class leapt to her defence and reeled off a number of reasons why she could not have possibly done it:
Lexi loves books
Maybe those that told on her were not telling the truth
She was outside at lunchtime
Nobody saw her
She couldn’t possibly want to tear up a book

When the children realised it was not true, a number of reactions were expressed about how they felt over the accusation and the injustice:
I felt like crying for her
I was really upset
I was worried
I could not believe she would do that
That made us feel really sad
I was angry at the children that had accused her
The children then discussed how injustices can happen and the circumstances in which they come

They then had a go and drawing a picture and associating colours with the emotions they were feeling through that scenario.


Today year 5 were experimenting with making pulleys. They followed a set of instructions to make a simple pulley.

It did take some problem solving, as threading the string through the holes in the cup became a challenge, as well as ensuring the knots in the string were tight and the string was the same length.

Once the pulleys were made they enjoyed seeing how it worked and trying to pull up different things. As they experimented, they thought about how to apply a pulley to a bridge.

If you would like to have a go at making a pulley, you too can follow the following instructions. Good luck.

Welcome Back!

A huge welcome back to everyone, especially Year 5. It was lovely to see everyone back in again. We certainly felt like we had shrunk, as so many had grown so much in two weeks!

Well done to everyone who came in with full school uniform, we are at the top end of the school and always need to be a good example to all.

As well as all the exciting news from the holiday, we have been sent the next instalment of Poppy and Lord Ted’s newsletter. It truly is a bumper edition and with all the winners we had for the character competition, it really is a brilliant read. There will be a copy in each classroom for you to read but you can always look on the website or click here.

We have a good start to the term as we dive into our class novel, Pig Heart Boy. Year 5 made some great predictions and recapped newspaper reports ready for further work.

Keep up the good work Year 5.

Poppy and Lord Ted Newsletter April 2022

The children in year 5 have been studying all about Kings & Queens in History. They focused on how the Magna Carta came about and put together a production to show their understanding.

Mr Lo has worked his computer magic on the videos and they are a pleasure to watch!
Please enjoy your children at their most confident…

Group 2


Presenting the Weather

As part of their computing lessons, year 5 have been discussing how the weather is presented: the development process involved and the part technology plays in creating the magic of weather forecasting programs.
Kestrels then got involved in creating their own weather forecast show.
This involved each group: creating the script –> choosing the correct technology –> producing the video.
Kestrels were knowledgeable in the technology required to complete this project. First, they chose our school’s own green screen ( (a green background in front of which moving subjects are filmed and which allows a separately filmed background to be added to the final image) and then took turns using an iPad to capture and edit the video footage.

Top tips when filming
  • Both feet spaced wide apart and flat on the ground to keep yourself steady.
  • Hold the camera / image capturing device (e.g iPad) with both hands.
  • When filming for video to be presented on TV or PC’s , hold the iPad landscape mode.
  • Ensure the subject you are filming is within the centre of the frame.


What better way to learn the French words for body parts than to sing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ in French!
Well done Kestrels, you kept up well and learnt a new range of nouns this week.


This week Year 5 started their ‘Bridges’ topic. They learnt the 4 types of bridges that exist, as well as how bridges are constructed today.  One of the activities was to work with a partner and construct the tallest tower they could, and then see if their construction would balance a ruler…many did!
They then had to construct a bridge out of cardboard. They learnt that when they inserted an arch under the main bridge beam, they were able to place more weight on the bridge and it held.
One group managed to balance an incredible 60 multi cubes before their bridge collapsed. Amazing!

Changes in Materials

Our new topic in year 5 is ‘Changes in Materials’. The children were given a mixture of materials and asked to separate them using sieving and filtering. The group worked extremely well together and discussed lots of scientific approaches to separating the mixture (and some not so scientific!).

Eventually all the groups were able, through excellent questioning skills, to separate their mixture of sand, sugar, counters and paper clips. It was a lot of fun and it gave them an excellent understanding of sieving and filtering. Take a look at the pictures!

Football Skills

We have been practising our use of space in football and scoring points for stringing together a set number of passes without being intercepted. We also practised our close ball control using the inside and the outside of our feet.