Monthly Archives: May 2022

Planting Strawberries

Kestrels have looked at asexual reproduction. They looked at reproducing more strawberry plants by taking cuttings, dipping the ends into rooting gel and then planting them.

Once they are watered and looked after we should see them grow and thrive.

Let’s see how they grow….

Building Bridges

Year 5 have worked extremely hard to design, build, complete and test their bridges using levers.

They really have used their knowledge from seeing designs and thinking hard about the needs of the task: to get a car across the bridge and even a boat safely under the bridge once it has been lifted.

Have a look at how brilliant some of the bridges are. They have worked hard to overcome several problems. Some of their ideas were harder to put into practice than they imagined once they began working with their chosen materials.

A great effort Kestrels.

Fun with Fractions!

What a wonderful start to the week Kestrels had!

Year 5 absolutely powered through there fractions work, they made light work of multiplying fractions. Last week they looked at unit fractions (fractions that have 1 as the numerator) and this week they looked at non-unit fractions.

The whole class could see clearly that a simplified way of completing these multiplication questions was to multiply the numerator with the number stated:
For example, 1/4 x 3 is also the same us 3 lots of 1/4, which you can do as 3×1. So, the answer is 3/4. Last week they had also seen that it can also be done as a repeated addition of 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4, which again is 3/4. This is a good way to check answers.

Well done Kestrels.