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The class looked at reasons why a friendship may end. Kestrels are very mature and shared a variety of valid reasons why a friendship may end. Have a look at them:
They then went on to role play the scenarios between two friends and how one wanted to end the friendship. It is very true to say that there are always two sides to a story. How both the girls felt in the situation was very important.
As part of a role play the class worked out how the girls could have resolved the situation..

Using Scratch

Year 5 worked super hard this afternoon on computing, making scratch programmes for a sprite to add numbers together.
Having had a go at programming before and watching a Loom on it, the class were quick to give it a go. We had lots of fabulous sprites doing all sorts and addition sums and Pippa even managed to get hers to divide and multiply!
Have a look at Amaya’s commands.

Author Visit

Year 5 were given a super surprise on the last day of half term! We were visited by Tim, the super author of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer. He had sent a video message for Lily on her last day with us, and wanted to read extracts from his next book!
Thankfully, Tim brought Lord Ted so we could have a cuddle with him. The video was a lovely surprise for Lily and everyone in the class. Tim will be visiting again for his title launch in September, which will be with us here at Bells Farm! How exciting is that!
Tim read out some edited parts of the book that we had heard before, the changes were amazing. The headteacher is now called Mrs Calbreath as well as now EVERY member of Kestrels having their name in the book. Every single member – that is so special. We are all now part of Poppy’s new adventure. It is extra special that Poppy’s new best friend is called Lily Rose (Rosie for short). We can’t wait to read the whole book…well Mrs Sabir has read it but she has been sworn to secrecy….
Tim was kind enough to sign his first book for all those in the class who have bought their own copies.  We are looking forward to seeing our friend Tim again and can not wait for the book launch in September.
Watch this space…