Monthly Archives: September 2022

Planets and their characteristics

Today in year 5, the children were learning all about the planets and their characteristics.

 They all took part in a game of Top Trumps which tested their knowledge of all the relevant information such as: the size of planet, its temperature and how many moons it has. It was fabulous lesson, and they learnt such a lot of important facts

Marriage and Weddings

Year 5 have been looking at marriage and weddings in RE, thinking about joy and how different faiths celebrate their marriages.
Last week we looked at weddings in Islam and this week we are looking at Christian weddings. There are lots of similarities and quite a few differences too. Most of the differences come from culture rather than faith. They are differences that are expressed in different countries.
It was very interesting to discuss the weddings, the meanings of the verses said in the ceremonies and what they mean.
Ceremonies show commitment to each other and a promise that each person tries to keep.
We even watched a short part of Prince Williams wedding. Here it is if you would like to watch some of it too.