Monthly Archives: October 2022

Own Compositions

Kestrels have had a fabulous time completing their Music topic this term. They practised some repetitions of crochets and quavers and then composed their own music and performed it within the classroom. It’s been lovely to see them being so creative, take a look at a very brief video showing the children’s talents.

Big Bang Theory

Our topic in year 5 this half term is Earth & Space.

This week, we have been looking at theories surrounding The Big Bang. The children carried out an experiment to support their understanding of how our universe has been expanding for billions of years, and is continuing to. They marked their balloons with a serious of letters and measured the points before and after the balloons had been blown up to full size. Their explanations on their findings were very informative. Well done Kestrels!

Rock Music

Our topic this half term is Rock music. The children are absolutely loving the songs, especially Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. They have already listened and appraised the song and today, they learnt the lyrics and produced accompaniments on their glockenspiels. So talented year 5!