Monthly Archives: November 2022

Being Hopeful and Visionary

Today Year 5 continued looking at the disposition in RE of being hopeful and visionary. They read an extract from the Bible (Matthew 25, 31-46) it talked about their hopes at judgement day. It talks about all the good things that have been done in life, all the people who have been helped in their times of need and how these good acts mean that not only is it seen as helping those people but helping God too.

The class made connections to other stories we have read too, like the good Samaritan, who helped a stranger, and Bhai Kanhaiya, who helped fallen enemies in battle.

These stories show how mankind puts others first regardless of faith, colour or creed. They show humanity.

The class went on to look at advent- the coming of Jesus. Each candle on the Advent wreath represents something different and lead up to the four Sundays before Christmas. On Christmas Day a final candle is lit in the middle of the wreath.


Do you have an Advent wreath?


This week, Kestrels have been creating programs on Scratch. To do this they used thier knowledge of logical reasoning and decomposition.

Using their computational thinking, they were able to control their sprite to count to 12. Next week they will be controlling their second sprite to count in Roman Numerals. They are having a lot of fun and are being very creative!


Water Resistance and Friction

This week, the focus in science was water resistance and friction. Kestrels carried out a scientific investigation into which material created the most fiction; using a ramp, a weight and a selection of different materials. They recorded their findings and were able to spot scientific anomalies that had occurred whilst carrying out their investigations.

Vocal Talents

Kestrels have been busy learning all the songs ready for their ‘Big Performance’ at Young Voices in January. The children are loving learning the dance routines and performing each Wednesday afternoon. I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re a talented bunch!

Anti-Bullying Week

Last week, Kestrels took part in a very important lesson all about the types of bullying that can occur on and offline. The children studied various scenarios and had to decide which were forms of bullying and which were simply examples of unkindness. They of course, got them all correct and were able to discuss what to do if they were ever in a situation where they were being bullied, or saw it happening to someone else.

The children then created their own lists of online and offline bullying situations and added drawings and logos as well. The last thing we did was to discuss all the various anti-bullying groups that children could speak to if they ever needed to.

Testing Materials

Year 5 have been testing materials today to decide which one would be the best to make their Anglo-Saxon bag out of. They had various materials and had to test their durability and authenticity, as well as whether the material was waterproof. They all decided that the most appropriate material would be hemp, mainly because of its authenticity. They are now busy designing their bags and will be ready to start sewing soon. 😁

Cloud Computing

Kestrels demonstrated their excellent knowledge of Computing this week by looking at various data plans and matching them to users of the Cloud. They also matched the correct meanings to their descriptions of language that links to the Internet. Such as: An ISP (an Internet service provider) or a URL ( a uniform resource locator). They really are quite a knowledgeable bunch!