Monthly Archives: June 2023


This term, Kestrels have been looking at the Pop Art Movement. They studied various artists and produced some pieces based on Roy Lichtenstein. The main focus for our topic was work by Takashi Murakami, a Japanese contemporary artist whose work is an intersection of pop culture, history and fine art. The children loved his styles and produced some stunning pieces, full of colour and incredible imagination. Excellent work Kestrels!

Schoolitus by Brian Patten.

This week, Kestrels have been looking at poetry based on writing and school. Today, we read Schoolitus by Brian Patten. It’s a very funny poem about how a child desperately tries to get out of going to school by pretending to be ill. The children got into pairs and role played the conversation between them and a parent. It was a lot of fun. Next week, we will be turning the poem into a narrative.


Kestrels have been looking at angles in their latest maths topic; they are quite the experts now at naming, measuring and drawing angles such as acute, obtuse and reflex angles. The topic ended today with an exercise in 3D shapes. The shapes we have in school came in very useful to help them identify the edges, vertices and faces. Take a look.

D&T – Cooking

Today Year 5 started their new Design and Technology project – Cooking. This session was all about looking at pasta dishes that are available on the market today. All the children took part in taste testing the various dishes in order to decide which ingredients they favoured. That carried out a questionnaire to establish the opinions of 10 of their classmates and next week, they will be planning their own pasta dish.

Our Changing Climate

Kestrels started their new Geography topic today; Our Changing Climate. We discussed language that they will be learning about and using throughout the topic and then studied various pictures that indicat the damage that we are causing to our planet. The children gave their opinions, and we discussed what exactly is happening to our valuable planet. This is a very exciting and current topic and the children are already engrossed in just how they can be a part of ‘saving’ our Earth.