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Open Honest and Truthful

Today Year 5 began their new disposition of Being Open, Honest and Truthful. 
Within this, this week we looked at why truth matters.
We started with a game.
Mrs Sabir whispered something to Isla, who passed it on to Charlie, who passed it on to Bethany, who passed it on to Yusif, who passed it on to Olivia, who passed it on to Oliver……who….looked very blank!
Unfortunately, by the time it got to Olivia she had struggled to hear anything and so could not pass anything on to Oliver….
But, what had been said?
Olivia heard- nothing
Yusif heard- something about a sword
Bethany heard- something about a sword
Charlie heard- something about a sock
Isla heard- something about a jellybean and food
So what did Mrs Sabir say?  “I put a potato in a sock with a jellybean.”
What does this show us?
The children initially said this showed that it showed people can tell lies when then share information.
But as we discussed it further it was reaaslied that that is not the case- each person did not change what was said on purpose- they did not hear correctly and so passed on incorrect information. Not really the same as telling a lie.
Passing on information can have negative effects- you have to be sure the information is  correct.
People who have a faith always look to their faith for answers too. Over the next few weeks we will be looking into different faiths and how they look for the truth in their faith.