Behaviours and reactions


Kestrels were totally “shocked, dismayed and astounded” this after afternoon when Mrs Sabir announced that 5 brand new books had been ripped in half and the class were responsible. The children were very mature and questioned Mrs Sabir about the evidence and what had happened…

They helped write down all their thoughts (unjust/bewildered) and feelings (confused/ heartbroken) about the situation and then discussed why those thoughts and feelings were just.

When Mrs Sabir revealed that the situation was just a scenario (that was “made up”), the children were clearly relieved that the books were untouched and nobody was in the wrong.

The class then went on to discuss how behaviours and reactions change in different situations and what influences behaviours. It was interesting that they thought their own reactions would be different depending on how others reacted and who was involved.

A very mature discussion about behaviours and reactions continued when the class wrote down situations and then talked about what they would do in those circumstances.

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