Amazing music


Today, Year 5 experienced an amazing music lesson taught by Mrs Parry. To start off with, we listened to a spectacular song called ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. One of the children exclaimed, “This is my favourite song!” All of the class really enjoyed singing the song in unison. We talked about song genres, keeping the pulse and discussed the types of instruments used in the piece. Mrs Parry also introduced the children to a fantastic tune, which goes by the name of ‘Lean on Me’. Those from karaoke club are familiar with the song so really enjoyed singing it with confidence. The only way it could have been better is if our fabulously fantastic teacher, Mr Johnston, was teaching us (no offence Mrs Parry).

Written by Poppy, Kai and Brianna (influenced slightly by Mr Johnston).

It really was brilliant to see the children enjoying the music and singing so much! We look forward to more sessions over the next few weeks, where the children will be able to show their creativity in a number of ways.

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