Being tolerant

Today we have been looking at the word ‘tolerance’ and being ‘tolerant’ but what do Year 5 think this word means?

Josh – Not having tolerance is being unkind to someone
Jessica – Not understanding others

We gathered up our notes on what we thought being tolerant means, we then produced a short video clip showing an example of someone having tolerance for others.

Emily – Having tolerance is accepting others
Fabian – Its accepting other and their differences
Wana – It is being patient and understanding that others are different but we should all be treated the same

4 thoughts on “Being tolerant

  1. this was funny to watch because josh made me laugh saying knee but in the wrong way loved to see tat fromm jessica

  2. Well done Kestrels. I really enjoyed having a discussion about tolerance and although we had lots of laughs filming the short video you were all taking the discussion seriously. Very proud of you

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