Discussing the true meaning of Easter

Kestrels spent some time discussing the lead up to Easter today. We talked about how Jesus prepared himself with his final words for his disciples. He knew he would face Crucifixion and that he would die-unlike his followers- and he wanted them to know that everything he told them was for them to be better people and to think about his words.

He told his followers that if they followed his words they would be blessed. He also wanted them to treat all people equally. He washed their feet to show them that it was not just an act for servants but that they were equal and needed to show each other respect.

Kestrels asked some very thoughtful questions and showed a lot of respect for each other, listening intently and being courteous with everyone’s views.

Through our discussions we established the true meaning of Easter and we will continue this next week.

It was lovely that Nimca contributed so well and told us what the Quran mentions about Jesus (known as Isa in the Quran) and the story of Easter. Thank you Nimca.

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