Managing uncomfortable feelings

Ketrels spent some time today discussing feelings. We discussed how our day can be filled with a number of emotions, some we openly show and others we sometimes hide. Keeping emotions held can be difficult depending on what it is, anger, upset, jealousy, pride, joy..the list goes on.

The class shared how our behaviour changes with our emotions and why it is good to talk to friends/family/adults about our feelings. It was great to hear the class being very mature about the types of issues that arise and the feelings they evoke. Also how they can help each other with resolving an issue or even just listening to someone.

Well done Kestrels.

5 thoughts on “Managing uncomfortable feelings

  1. It’s always good to talk – that can help us to control our feelings and try to only act on the good ones. Well done Kestrels, for having such a useful discussion and sharing your feelings.

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