Video: Bullying rap

Year 5 completed their own Bullying rap this week.

They worked hard to narrate a story in their rap to highlight how a bully can affect people.

They worked well in their groups creating the lyrics, rhyming words and creating a beat.

Below is a rap written by Wana and Fabian – click to enlarge.

Watch some of their creations below:

13 thoughts on “Video: Bullying rap

  1. Well done Year 5. A lot of effort was put in and look at the skills in performing! Super raps.

  2. i loved the bully rap even tho i cant rap 😀 I will always love to do that again and it was an amazing lesson

  3. josh: “they were really good bully raps i wish i could do mine in it” mom: “thats a nice comment” josh: “i love you mom bye” mom: “bye sweetheart”

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