Superhero Mrs Sabir!

Today wasn’t a good day. Today was a sad day. Today we said goodbye to Mrs Sabir.

All of the children and adults are going to miss her.

She has helped us all in so many varied ways this year. Not only has she taught us throughout the year, bringing fun to our learning, but she also is always there to listen. If ever we struggle with things in school or at home she is there for us. She listens, offers advice and helps us through our problems.

This year wouldn’t have been the same without her.

To celebrate how brilliant she is, we created our own versions of Mrs Sabir the super-hero.

We really hope to see her again soon. It is good though to know that she will be able to spend more time with her children from now on.

16 thoughts on “Superhero Mrs Sabir!

  1. A really big thank you to Mrs Sabir for the support she gave to Dharma.
    Dharma loved English and Mrs Sabir made her loving more!
    All the best Mrs Sabir!

    1. It is sad but she was a great teacher and I am sure if she stayed I would have loved her as my teacher!??

  2. Thank you year 5. I loved the day, I was sad but you all made it so special for me!
    I had so many surprises throughout the day. I do hope to see you again soon, keep up the blogs Mr Johnston!

  3. Its sad that I missed the drawing and sad about miss Sabir leaving but I know she will have a good time in her new school these drawing are amazing at drawing Well Done

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