Evaporation Experiment


This afternoon year 5 started their evaporation experiment. We are leaving water around the school in different places where the temperature is different. We are seeing if the higher temperatures change the the amount of water evaporated.
We will be observing the changes this week to see if more heat really does increase evaporation.

After that we will look at the opposite of evaporation. Does any one in year 5 know what that is called. Prize for the first year 5 student to come and tell me the name of the opposite of evaporation.

5 thoughts on “Evaporation Experiment

  1. Interesting experiment Year 5, I’d like to see your findings. I think one of the warmest rooms in the school is the Media Center, my guess is, the water in the Media Center will evaporate the most.

  2. Have you compared evaporation outside in different weathers? i wonder whether a cloudy day or a sunny day in the shade would evaporate more water – what do you think?

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