Anti-social behaviour

Kestrels have been learning about anti-social behaviour and the consequences of crime.

The children developed their understanding of different types of anti-social behaviour and sensibly discussed the negative impact that each type of behaviour could have and upon different parts of the community.
Ranking a range of anti-social behaviours proved challenging but also enabled are broad debate in which children were encouraged to fully articulate their reasoning and respond directly to points made by others.

Following the debate the children voted to create an overall class order. Do you agree with them?

6 thoughts on “Anti-social behaviour

  1. always be nice people you will get a good education and a good education means a good life good home and you will never be poor.

  2. respect everyone even if you hate them still they are the same as you even if you got different hair or a different skin colour, you are still human like the rest and never let people put you in the shade.

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