Fabulous football scenes



What a great afternoon Year 5 has had and what fantastic football scenes. The class was given the brief to create a scene from the World Cup. They were told they could use anything they wanted from the art trolley to do it and the pictures show what they came up with.

They are such a creative class. We have a cloud football scene, a paper model of a football stadium complete with ASDA next door and a very detail effort with refs and key players.

I was so impressed at how well year 5 worked together on these. Find out on Friday which team were the winning entry.

Written by Miss Birmingham.

5 thoughts on “Fabulous football scenes

  1. Wow Year 5, some excellent work here. Some very thoughtful work here, not sure about Sophie’s pink goal posts though – fabulous!

  2. Oh Mr Baddhan I love Sophie’s creativity. The goals have to made out of clouds, it’s cloud football!

  3. I thought these scenes were amazing Year 5! I was very impressed by the amount of detail you had put into them all. Well done!

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