Online behaviours

Over the past few days Year 5 have been discussing not only how to stay safe on the internet, but also how online behaviours can have an effect on young people.

We started by discussing what things people (our friends and family) do online that make us feel good. From this we had lots of ideas including being sent a nice message, being helped on a game and being complimented on how well you are playing a game.

After this we discussed things that people do online that do not make us feel very good. These were some of our ideas:

• Unkind messages
• Inappropriate pictures being sent/uploaded
• Blackmailing
• Cyber-bullying

We completed 3 different activities all around different online behaviours and how these can have a positive or negative effect on young people. One of the activities included the children thinking of an online good deed that they could do. Some of the ideas we had included sending a nice message to someone or helping someone on a game. We have all decided what our good deed is going to be and we will check in this time next week to see if we managed to complete them!

One thought on “Online behaviours

  1. I love safer-internet week and my favourite part was when we discussed what made us happy or what would make anybody happy.

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