Understanding opinions

Year 5 Kestrels have been discussing how to respect and understand others’ opinions. We started off with a problem to solve. This was ‘There is not enough space in the playground for football and other activities to be happening at the same time’. What can we do?

First of all the children discussed whether they agreed or disagreed with this statement and spent time listening to each other’s opinions.

We then came up with a list of ideas to fix this issue.

Finally, we spoke about how during our discussing we listened to others’ opinions, and we discussed how we should do this with respect and understanding.

These were a few of our ideas:

  • Listen
  • Don’t argue with opinions
  • Let people have their say
  • Ask for reasons to understand why that is their opinion

The main message the children received from the PSHE lesson was that everybody is entitled to their own opinions and we don’t always have to agree with each other, but we do always have to show respect.

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