Peer Mediator training

This afternoon Year 5 began training for Peer Mediators. The whole class will be trained and then they will choose 12 to become our school’s Peer Mediators (PMs).

Miss McClelland started the training with some rules.

  • Key skills needed in our training circle and as a PM:
  • Listen
  • Look at people
  • No bossiness
  • Respect what people say
  • Think about the problem
  • Don’t laugh about serious things

A very important rule was that whatever is said in the circle must stay in the circle.

We played a quick game to get everyone moving and being used to being in the circle.

We noted that we have lots of things in common with others and lots of things that are different.

We learnt a lot of new facts about each other, even though we see each other everyday. It showed that listening was a very important skill.

“It is important to listen so that the person feels valued.”

We will have to think about the key skills needed as a PM and choose the best in the class to become PMs.

This was a great introduction to the training, lots of fun and interesting.

We had amazing fun find out the answers to some questions…

“All of have been to Cannon Hill Park.”
“All of us like potato.”
“Only one of us has been to Africa.”
“Only one of us has never been to the girls toilets!”

Working in the groups helped us understand the need to help each other focus on the task and persevere to achieve the goal.

We are looking forward to next week’s session.

Year 5 have had a very busy day!

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