Embarrassing situations

Year 5 looked at embarrassing situations today. We have all been there… but how do we deal with them?
The children came up with lots of different ways of dealing with those awkward moments:

Walking away
Laughing it off
Counting to 10 to calm down
Finding a calming activity to occupy yourself
Saying “It’s not that bad!”
Talk to someone about it

The children worked through a number of scenarios and thought about how embarrassing they felt they were-
“Your mum kisses you at the school gate and some older children see you.”
“You copied your friends spelling test and your teacher has found out. She then accuses you and your friend of cheating.”

The children then put the embarrassing scenarios in order of how embarrassing they felt they were- it was interesting to see how differently the children placed the scenarios. We all see situations differently and don’t feel embarrassed by the same things.

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