Kenilworth Castle trip

Year 5 Kestrels visited Kenilworth Castle for the day. In the morning our guide, Clare, showed us around the grounds.

Clare told us that Kenilworth Castle was built in 1120 and was a royal castle for most of its history. It was expanded by Kings John and Henry V.

King John added an outer bailey wall of stone to the castle for extra protection and to improve defences. He also built Mortimer’s and Lunn’s towers. King John also improved the castle’s defences by daming the two nearby brooks, creating the Great Mere.

In the afternoon we had a lot of time to explore in two groups, we went inside The Gatehouse and learnt about how in 1563 Queen Elizabeth I granted Kenilworth Castle to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

After that, we also explored the castle grounds… and up into the towers.

We were all very brave and careful on the spiral staircases!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day!

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