Earthquake project

Y5 have been continuing with their earthquake project. They have now not only designed the layout of the houses (to replace those demolished after an earthquake), but are moving on the deciding what materials they will need to decorate the house inside. Today they had to make choices about the flooring. Should they use carpet? Where would laminate or vinyl be best?

The first stage was to use the internet to find out the cost of the carpet or flooring they would like to use. Levi said – after finding that the cheapest carpet was £5.99 per sq metre. “We shouldn’t use that, because the cheapest is not always the best.”

Levi says cheapest isn't always best
Levi says cheapest isn’t always best

As a result his group decided to go with carpet which was £9.99 a sq metre.

How much was needed?
They groups then went on to decide how much was needed, by laying out model strips of laminate, carpet or vinyl and then using a calculator to multiply the cost per unit, by the amount needed.

Katie said: “I know there are 45 sections of carpet because there are 9 rows of 5.”

Katie and her group know how many sections there are to a carpet
Katie and her group

Have a look at the work they did here…



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