Happy Holidays Kestrels

Hi my lovely Kestrels, it has been wonderful getting to chat to most of you over the last couple of weeks. (If I didn’t get to speak to you, I will try again.) Some of you have been putting in so much effort with your home learning and I am thoroughly enjoying reading your excellent pieces! If you haven’t sent me anything, please have a go – it’s important to keep practising your skills while you’re away from school; it will make it much easier when you return.

So for now, I will say, have a wonderful half term with your family (for a change!). Find time to do all the things you never get time to do because we’re all usually so very busy! I’m currently stripping and sanding a staircase with Mr C, it’s a very satisfying job (if a little messy).

Hopefully things will get back to normal soon and we can all be back together and remember…

This one very important quote
Happy holidays from Mrs C

1 thought on “Happy Holidays Kestrels

  1. I hope you have all had a lovely week .Please come and see me at the book swap
    Monday or Thursday 12.00 until 2.00 . It will be lovely to see you .
    Love Mrs Johnson

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