Video: Weather reporters using the green screen

Year 5 Kestrels presented their written weather reports using the green screen.

Mr Baddhan discussed with the children how weather reports are put together using a green screen.

The scripts were written with Mrs Calbreath in a previous English lesson.

21 thoughts on “Video: Weather reporters using the green screen

  1. It was so funny when that girl changed the camera! “Don’t be scared to be in front of a camera! “

  2. I loved watching these! You all did a very good job and delivered your scripts confidently. Well done Kestrels!

  3. LOL I was so nervous when I was doing my weather report and I was so so nervous but well done to everybody else

  4. Well done guys! It’s amazing you all worked hard and never gave up after those really funny bloopers!

  5. That was so funny to watch. You did look a bit embarrassed to be on camera. I am so impressed with you all.

  6. LOL Jimmy Jones where did you even come up with the name?? Also Nashe look I got Jimmy Jones signature!

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