Oranges in No Mans Land by Elizabeth Laird

Today Year 5 put their conversation skills to test as they role played two characters from a book called Oranges in No Mans Land by Elizabeth Laird.
They have been reading about Ayesha from Lebanon and the dilemma she faces when she realises her Grandmother is very ill again and her medicine has finished. Should she risk her life to get some more medicine? That would mean crossing the “Green Line” and would be extremely dangerous or should she get some help from the family’s close friend Mrs Zainab?
The children role played Ayesha and Mrs Zainab to explore which way Ayesha might go- will she be persuaded NOT to go? Will Mrs Zainab offer to go instead? Will Mrs Zainab forbid Ayesha from going? Will Ayesha listen…or will she risk her own life to save her Grandmother?
What do you think she should say to Mrs Zainab?
What do you think Mrs Zainab should say to Ayesha?

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