Year 5 performed the conversations they had written between Mrs Zainab and Ayesha from the book Oranges In No Mans Land.
The children worked hard to make the conversation meaningful, concise and to move the story on, with the dilemma. Can Ayesha get over the “green line” to get more medicine for Grandma?
When they critiqued each other they noted humour, questioning and tone of voice they used when expressing themselves. There were some excellent comments made, even points to improve- making more expressions with body language which helps the voice, increasing their volume and stretching words to plead. Some were read too slowly and others too fast – there is a balance, depending on what they were saying.
Some had even written in interruptions in the conversations, which is just like real life! A good idea. Putting details in really helped move the story on.
We could see that confidence grew as they went through their performances.

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