Today Year 5 were given a real lesson in injustice! The class were led to believe that Lexi was said to have ripped up a library book (a thing she would never have done!). She was “sent” to Mrs Butterworth. Don’t worry, Lexi was in on the task and played a great part in the scenario. The class were then asked if they knew anything about the incident.

The class leapt to her defence and reeled off a number of reasons why she could not have possibly done it:
Lexi loves books
Maybe those that told on her were not telling the truth
She was outside at lunchtime
Nobody saw her
She couldn’t possibly want to tear up a book

When the children realised it was not true, a number of reactions were expressed about how they felt over the accusation and the injustice:
I felt like crying for her
I was really upset
I was worried
I could not believe she would do that
That made us feel really sad
I was angry at the children that had accused her
The children then discussed how injustices can happen and the circumstances in which they come

They then had a go and drawing a picture and associating colours with the emotions they were feeling through that scenario.

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