Fun with Fractions!

What a wonderful start to the week Kestrels had!

Year 5 absolutely powered through there fractions work, they made light work of multiplying fractions. Last week they looked at unit fractions (fractions that have 1 as the numerator) and this week they looked at non-unit fractions.

The whole class could see clearly that a simplified way of completing these multiplication questions was to multiply the numerator with the number stated:
For example, 1/4 x 3 is also the same us 3 lots of 1/4, which you can do as 3×1. So, the answer is 3/4. Last week they had also seen that it can also be done as a repeated addition of 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4, which again is 3/4. This is a good way to check answers.

Well done Kestrels.

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