Last week we looked at Skihism and Sewa (helping) in the Gurdwara, specifically the langar (free kitchen).

Today Year 5 continued their RE looking at Sharing and Being Generous.

They started by looking at Humanists and how they show generosity and the various ways they can show it:

helping the homeless
being kind
being active
being generous
opening soup kitchens

A Rabbi called Moses Maimonides set out a ladder to show the best way to share and be generous (tzedakah).

Which rung of the ladder would apply to you?

The class agreed that it is very difficult to set a definite rung of the ladder! When you give charity to someone, it can be for many different reasons and depends on whether you know them or not. That would then depend which rung of the ladder you would be on…would you want the reciever to know you gave the gift? Maybe, maybe not.
Most of the class decided the seventh rung was where they would be happiest giving charity- “cheerfully, when asked”. ☺️A very generous class!

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