Enjoying the internet as part of our learning

Year 5 spent the afternoon discussing the good and the bad parts of the internet as part of ‘Safer Internet Day’.

They responded in shock to the question “What would school be like without computers and the internet?” Some children don’t know how we coped in ‘the olden days’ without it at school. The most common response was though was boring. It’s great to see how the children appreciate the use of ICT and the internet as part of their learning.

We then decide to think of what we would prefer more or less of on line. Through brilliant group work we decided we need less adverts blocking our games or videos and less hackers ruining the internet for people. They would like to see more children friendly games and those where they can learn and enjoy it.

It was great to see how aware the class are of safety on line and what to do if they don’t seem safe.

Great work this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the internet as part of our learning

  1. Yes great work Yr5 – well done. Although I can remember never having a computer or a mobile phone and life was not the least bit boring!

    1. The internet is a fantastic invention Year 5, but it is always good to think what we did before. You have shown a really good awareness in your work.

      Challenge…who can tell me who the founder of the internet was – a prize for the first person to do this!

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