Year 5 try out being in Year 6


Year 5 spent the day today with Mrs Croft in Year 6. The children were extremely positive about moving classrooms in September and had a great day. They learnt an awful lot about each other (even in such a short space of time) and can’t wait to get started on what will be a tough but very rewarding year for the children.

The children completed a passport into Year 6, as well as a letter to Mrs Croft introducing themselves and sharing facts. Monitors were decided ready for September and a brief introduction to how their new classroom will run was given. In the afternoon they made Zappy Zoomers and went outside to fly them, learning a little about air resistance.

Take a look at some of the photos.

One thought on “Year 5 try out being in Year 6

  1. You’ve grown up fast Kestels…am looking forward to seeing you enjoy the experiences ahead of you in September!

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