Natural and Synthetic Products

Last week in year 5, we learnt all about natural and synthetic products and how synthetic items such as plastic chairs are actually made from a natural resource – Petroleum. The children demonstrated their knowledge of how overusing natural resources will eventually destroy our planet.
They also learnt the damaging effect that producing synthetic items can cause, as these are unable to biodegrade and will eventually end up in landfill (Mrs Calbreath’s least favourite thing in the whole world!) The children then collected some natural resources of their own and had a chance to produce some very lovely artwork. take a look.

Battle of Hastings

This week Kestrels learnt about how things went at The Battle of Hastings. They produced a very precise timeline and then went outside to re-enact the battle. Things got pretty scary as the Normans played very tactically and overthrew the Britains. It was great fun and the activity will certainly help them to remember all the important facts and figures!

Children’s Mental Health Week

Last week Kestrels took part in Mental Health week , and we discussed how staying connected with people and chatting can help with worries. The children discussed who they have available for them to talk to if they need to share their worries or feelings and then we played a great game of bingo. The children had to complete their bingo sheet containing their favourite things; hobbies, foods, lessons etc and were asked to talk their way round the classroom finding people with the same interests. It was great fun!

Visiting Vikings

This week, year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from ‘The History Man’.
He brought along all his artefacts associated with the Vikings.
He taught the children some very interesting facts and they were able to share their recently acquired knowledge on invaders, with him.
The children were involved in various activities such as: dressing in Viking clothes, building a replica Viking bed and playing Viking board games.
The reinacting of a battle scene was fabulous fun and they even received guidance on how to protect themselves in a sword fight. Have a look at some of the photos from our amazing morning!

Materials and their properties

Kestrels have continued to study the topic ‘Materials and their properties’ and this week, they had to construct a sandcastle using their knowledge of how sand bridges with water. It took a while to get the consistency right but I’m sure you’ll agree.

… they did a fine job indeed!  Special congratulations goes to Harvey and Zi Yan for a rather fabulous sandcastle!


Drama with Narnia

This week, Kestrels have been reading Narnia and using Drama activities to better their understanding of the text. They acted out a conversation Lucy had with Mr Tumnus and then discussed their feelings, in order to write a letter in the role of Lucy, to Mum. Kinda and Amelie demonstrated their conversation and it was fabulous; the girls both earned themselves a gold card. Well done girls!

Editing Audio for a purpose

Year 5 have had the most fun adding sound to poems by using a program called Audacity. They have been so creative in setting the scenes for 2 poems that Mr Lo and Mrs Calbreath recorded. I think they enjoyed adding some very strange voices a little too much!