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Happy Holidays Kestrels

Hi my lovely Kestrels, it has been wonderful getting to chat to most of you over the last couple of weeks. (If I didn’t get to speak to you, I will try again.) Some of you have been putting in so much effort with your home learning and I am thoroughly enjoying reading your excellent pieces! If you haven’t sent me anything, please have a go – it’s important to keep practising your skills while you’re away from school; it will make it much easier when you return.

So for now, I will say, have a wonderful half term with your family (for a change!). Find time to do all the things you never get time to do because we’re all usually so very busy! I’m currently stripping and sanding a staircase with Mr C, it’s a very satisfying job (if a little messy).

Hopefully things will get back to normal soon and we can all be back together and remember…

This one very important quote
Happy holidays from Mrs C

A super descriptive piece of writing by Demi, year 5

The Island of lights is a beautiful sight to see because there are  lampposts that shine as they light up the night. As you walk by, you can build sandcastles at the beach. As you relax, the hula girls will sing and dance to you. The grass tickles your feet as you walk. You can smell the sweet smell of toasted chocolate covered marshmallows. You can tell stories around a bonfire. The flowers there are beautiful because they smell like blossoms. You can hear the palm trees sway.

A very creative piece of writing by Harry – year 5

One Sunday morning, Rob Harrison moved into an abandoned house
on a deserted hillside. This house was owned by the one and only
Michael Jackson, who mysteriously went missing in 1969 and his body
was never found !
Cautiously, Rob trembled as he crept quietly into the supposedly
haunted house and began to start looking around.
Suddenly, something caught his eye in the corner of the attic
which was stacked with moth-eaten furniture. The item that
he came across was a wooden trunk so Rob opened the clasp
anxiously. He lifted the lid and he froze in fear there was a
glistening crystal ball showing Michael Jackson’s place of
After many tiring months searching for where this place was,
finally Rob had discovered that it was in Paris, near the Eiffel
Tower. He immediately handed it over to a private detective
who said he would get back to him ASAP.
Weeks later, the news was back and the body was somehow found!
Rob became a billionaire from making such an amazing discovery. He
now lives in a huge mansion that dwarfs the other houses around his
area !! WOW!!!!! All of this for finding Michael Jackson’s body. Life
went on unexpectedly well for Rob.

A super piece of writing by Evie Year 5

The Toy Box Training
By Evie
Last night I could not sleep, because I heard
noises coming from the hall. I felt tense inside. I
was determined to see what was going on. So,
ready for another adventure I grabbed my torch
and directed it at the source of the noise. GREAT…
The attic again. Unlike before, the door already
hung open and a miniature ladder hung down and
a dozen toy soldiers descended.
They were whistling a familiar tune. It was the
bridge over the river Kwai whistle song. Finally,
the general of this tiny troupe shouted “HALT!” at
the top of his voice. They were now in my
bedroom. My teddies, (Who had now woken up)
seemed worried and moved to face the team.
They had met vaguely before but, they had not
met in years. They were confused. Their leader big
monkey said, “Why are you here?” The general
barked “We need new recruits, our last battalion
were defeated in the battle of Nan dog. “Oh, we
know him,” the soft toys all remarked in unison
“The slobbery toy killer”.
The Toy Box Training
By Evie
“Yes, that’s him” The general replied, “We need
Volunteers to fight.”
The biggest and bravest toys stepped forward.
“Big is better” The smallest soldier said sounding
“Thanks for stepping forward and as for now we
shall train you lot up in the mile-long field.” The
general barked.
They all trotted to the garden hand in hand.
The next morning, I saw that there were lots of
toys lying on the grass and I got told of. But it was
not me.

Peer Mediator training

This afternoon Year 5 began training for Peer Mediators. The whole class will be trained and then they will choose 12 to become our school’s Peer Mediators (PMs).

Miss McClelland started the training with some rules.

  • Key skills needed in our training circle and as a PM:
  • Listen
  • Look at people
  • No bossiness
  • Respect what people say
  • Think about the problem
  • Don’t laugh about serious things

A very important rule was that whatever is said in the circle must stay in the circle.

We played a quick game to get everyone moving and being used to being in the circle.

We noted that we have lots of things in common with others and lots of things that are different.

We learnt a lot of new facts about each other, even though we see each other everyday. It showed that listening was a very important skill.

“It is important to listen so that the person feels valued.”

We will have to think about the key skills needed as a PM and choose the best in the class to become PMs.

This was a great introduction to the training, lots of fun and interesting.

We had amazing fun find out the answers to some questions…

“All of have been to Cannon Hill Park.”
“All of us like potato.”
“Only one of us has been to Africa.”
“Only one of us has never been to the girls toilets!”

Working in the groups helped us understand the need to help each other focus on the task and persevere to achieve the goal.

We are looking forward to next week’s session.

Year 5 have had a very busy day!

Art Week – Using selection tool

As part of Art Week, Year 5 Kestrels have been learning how digital software can changed or manipulate an image.

They used program to manipulate an image of Westminster to edit the sky and the windows of the Houses of Parliament.

The children learned about the wand tool – a tool that cleverly selects parts of image based on its colour. They also used the selection tool and the fill tool.

Here’s the original image which Kestrels manipulated.

Joshua T’s manipulated imaage

Fabian’s manipulated imaage

Carley’s manipulated imaage

Henry’s manipulated imaage