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Earth and Space

Year 5 have begun their science topic of Earth And Space. The children had lots of facts to share with each other and over the topic we will be able to clarify some of these ideas.
The children have some rocket words which are key topic words – these will be reviewed each lesson.
Our rocket words for this topic are:
Nicolous Copernicus
Ask Kestrels if they can explain them to you. We are trying to remember them and their definitions.
We also looked at the planets in the Solar System. We have learnt a mnemonic to help remember the order of the planets. It is:
My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Noodles
Have a look at Jessica’s super neat work.

Art & Music Week

This week, year 5 have taken part in Art & Music week and started by listening to their chosen piece of classical music – symphony No. 1 in E minor by Florence Price. She was the first black female composer to have her music played by an orchestra in the 1930,s.


The children studied the piece and discussed the various instruments that made the incredibly happy piece of music come alive. They then learnt how to do the African American dance ‘The Juba’. This is a dance made famous because black people were once not allowed to play musical instruments so they made music on their bodies instead.


There were some incredible short dances made by the children.


Continuing with the topic of Materials and their properties, year 5 have planned and carried out an investigation into which materials would be suitable for use in football floodlights. They set up their circuits and chose various materials to test. They studied the brightness of the bulb to see which material was the best at conducting electricity. They then discussed their findings and offered their recommendations. Super team work year

Exploring Science

Year 5 have started their new topic this week – Materials & their Properties. They began by feeling various objects hidden under a cover, and used a range of words to describe what they could feel. They then had to match descriptions of words to words such as permeable and transparent. It was a lot of fun and the children learnt a great deal.


Year 5 have been looking at ‘Peer pressure” and how detrimental it can be. They watched a video explanning the dangers and how important it is to be themselves. They studied various scenarios and had to give the characters advice on how to stand up for themselves

Home learning for the holidays

Hi Kestrels, how are you all?

Well, we’ve nearly come to the end of term and what a strange term it’s been. Thank you to all those children who have been doing the work on the blogs and sending in some excellent pieces of writing! You should all be extremely proud of yourselves, everyone here certainly is!

We are putting on some maths and english activity booklets for you to do over the summer. There’s all sorts of fun things in there to do and should keep you busy. Don’t forget to keep up the reading!

To anyone coming into school next week, we can’t wait to see you!

Happy Holidays and see the rest of you in September.

Stay safe and have a fabulous summer.

Mrs Calbreath

Year 5 Summer English Activity Booklet

Year 5 Summer English Activity Booklet Answers

Year 5 Summer Themed Maths Booklet – Questions

Year 5 Summer Themed Maths Booklet – Answers