Monthly Archives: July 2023

Perfect Pasta

Kestrels finished their D&T topic this week by planning and making their own pasta sauce with fresh ingredients. They weighed, chopped and prepared a lovely meal for themselves and tucked into a tomato and vegetable pasta dish. I have to say, they were delicious, you can ask them to make you one now!

Arts Week

Kestrels had a wonderful time during Art’s week. They studied an African American composer – Florence Price. We focussed on her wonderfully uplifting symphony No 1 and produced some incredible African art using, calico and printing ink.
There are also pictures based on a previous artist we studied – Takashi Murakami. I’m sure you’ll agree, the finished pieces were stunning!

Music & Science @ King Edward

Kestrels’ girls had a fabulous time at King Edward VI Northfields School for Girls recently. They were given a music lesson, where they got to play keyboards and ukuleles. They had sheets of music to work from and demonstrated their excellent knowledge of music to the teachers.
Secondly, they had a science lesson, where they got to be forensic scientists to solve a crime. Their investigations involved testing soil samples from the suspect’s shoes and matching teeth samples to a half-eaten apple.
It was a fabulous day and it gave the girls a real insight to how things go at secondary school.