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Behaviours for Learning

Year 5 got off to a flying start with their sessions on Behaviours for Learning. They all had super reasons why listening was vital in order to learn, and came up with some super ideas of how they’re going to stay focused this term.

They tested their listening skills by guessing a range of sounds…it was a lot of fun and taught them just how focused they need to in order to recognise even the most common of sounds.

Being tolerant

Today we have been looking at the word ‘tolerance’ and being ‘tolerant’ but what do Year 5 think this word means?

Josh – Not having tolerance is being unkind to someone
Jessica – Not understanding others

We gathered up our notes on what we thought being tolerant means, we then produced a short video clip showing an example of someone having tolerance for others.

Emily – Having tolerance is accepting others
Fabian – Its accepting other and their differences
Wana – It is being patient and understanding that others are different but we should all be treated the same

Teamwork and respect

This week, Year 5 have been spending time getting to know their new Teacher Mr Johnston, new Teacher assistant Mr Koeri and the new students in their class. We have been learning about the importance of class values such as respect and teamwork and played a game of Tag Rugby to demonstrate that.

Here’s a video of the children demonstrating their teamwork and respect skills during Tag Rugby.

Fantastic friends


This month’s value word is friendship. Because of this, Kestrels class have been thinking of what makes a friend.

We realised it wasn’t just being nice to someone because we do this whether we are friends or not. It’s about really listening and doing things to make each other happy even if this means keeping them out of trouble.

We discussed that real friends don’t make you do things to stay friends. And that friendship doesn’t mean you always have to agree with everything.