Monthly Archives: December 2014

Creative Christmas cards


Miss Outhwaite has helped the children create a lovely design for their cards this year. They had to draw accurately and use imagination when creating shapes to fill the design.

Maybe you will be lucky enough to get one this Christmas.

If you don’t want to find out how fantastic Year 5’s Christmas cards are, because you might receive one, then look away.

Creative CAMS


This week Year 5 are making CAM mechanisms to work a toy volcano.

We have specifically focused on the accuracy of our measuring and cutting to produce a structure of the correct size.

The next step is to build the mechanism inside, to enable the toy to move. Then the class will produce the volcano look on the outside.

Check back later this week for Year 5’s CAM mechanism progress.

Variables and programming a lego fan


Year 5 spent the afternoon with Mr Baddhan understanding variables and creating a fan with various speed settings using lego and Scratch.

Another group were busy making a car game going round the track, each time the car does a lap, the user gains one point. However, if the car goes on to the grass, then the user loses a point.

The projects are still being worked on, hopefully they’ll be complete by the end of the week. We’ll have some videos and screenshots of the final pieces on this blog.

Digging daffodils

What a great start to out daffodil fundraising. Year 5 did an excellent job of planting their bulbs.

They also learnt about how Marie Curie charity help people with cancer.

Please support all the children in their efforts raising money for such a good cause. Give as much as you can to keep the children motivated in looking after their plants! Miss Birmingham is eagerly waiting to see that totaliser moving up.

Super Science


Year 5 planned and performed their own dissolving experiment. They decided what they were going to change and keep the same, they made sure they had the correct equipment and recorded results.

The only error was enjoying stirring the salt or sugar so much that they didn’t realise it had already dissolved. Oh well something to learn for next time.

Remarkable research


For the last two weeks, Year 5 have been preparing to write an explanation text based on their Geography topic ‘Earthquakes and Volcanoes’.

This afternoon Year 5 used their knowledge of what they had learnt from their topic to start their plan.

It was great seeing so many of them get right in there and take out the information they will need to explain. They really did focus.

Miss Birmingham looks forward to matching this up with the causal language they have been practising.