Monthly Archives: May 2014

Cracking Cricket

Yes, sounds like something Wallace and Grommet would say (well Wallace, Grommet can’t talk). Year Five had a great day on Wednesday competing in a cricket championship with other schools around the area.

Everyone learnt something new about about the game, especially the teachers who can know score a Kwik cricket match in their sleep.

There were some fabulous bowls by Alicia and Reece, amazing catches by Leyton and incredible batting by Jamie.

Most of the other groups were cricket teams from schools so, considering that, we did really well to come 4th, 5th and 6th.

Year 5 rebuild Inky Winky homes

Unfortunately the Choo Choos have left the forest now but the Inky Winkys have arrived.┬áMrs Johnson explained that a creature called the Tatalar is here to look after the Inky Winkys. However the Tatalar has recently got himself a girlfriend and is too in love to his job properly. This resulted in the destruction of the Inky Winky homes because he wasn’t there to protect them. Fortunately for the Inky Winkys Year 5 were on hand to rebuild the Inky Winky’s homes with a little help from brackets made from their fur. Well done Year 5 in working so well together to build the Inky Winkys their new home!