Monthly Archives: July 2016

Digital Citizenship Pledge


During today’s e-Safety lesson today, Mr Baddhan held a discussion with Kestrels about community groups and behaviour expectations within those communities.

The children begun by brainstorming different community groups and then examples of good expectations.


Kestrels then suggested different motos for their pledge. The winning motto was ‘Keep Calm and Stay Safe Online’

Finally. they all agreed to a ‘Digital Citizenship Pledge’ – a joint agreement to online safety rules.

Rights of the Child

While reading ‘Boy in the Tower’, the class discussion focussed on the life the main character is being forced to lead. Aid is all alone, apart from his ill mother, and he is solely responsible for looking after both of them. He does all the shopping, cooks, cleans and has no help from his mother, who is bedridden.

We considered whether it was right that he had to look after his mother, especially given that Aid is only 10. This progressed to considering what rights children have and the class drew up their list own Rights of the Child list:

* Education
* Food and drink
* Cleanliness
* Safe shelter / somewhere to live
* To be clothed
* To freedom1

We then considered what children should do if ever they find themselves in a situation where any of their basic rights are not being met.