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Video: ‘The Adventures of Isabel’ – Poems

Year 5 have been working very hard with poetry this week.

We have recorded our version of a poem called ‘The Adventures of Isabel’

The children had to adapt a verse and change the ending, whilst at the same time, keeping to both the rhyme and rhythm pattern of the original.

They then turned the verse into a ‘script’ for performance, adding in acting and changing the voices of the characters.

Have a look at our final performances and let us know what you think!

Rotating Planet Practice

This afternoon the Kestrels took the opportunity to experience life as planet Earth and the Moon.

We physically became these celestial bodies, in movement, to understand how they move through our solar system.

Enjoy the video of the class discovering how dizzy they would be as the Earth, having to spin on it’s own axis as well as traveling around the sun. We then moved onto the moon and discovered that the moon does not spin as it goes around the Earth; it always shows the us the same side.

Happy star gazing Year 5!

Having a great Harvest!

A massive well done to Year 5 for their Harvest assembly.

So many worked so hard to remember their lines and the song. They managed to learn quite a wordy but lively song so well. I hope it comes up again next year at harvest so they can sing it again.

Brilliant and confident performances from so many. Well done for learning some long lines off by heart.

Your hard work really paid off, you really deserved that round of applause!

Persuading people

The children in Year 5 have been working on persuading people to see their point of view. Part of this was to prepare and then act out some text maps they had produced. Have a look at photographs of their text mapping process.



You will have to keep your eyes open for the final piece of work, and see if the Year 5 children can persuade YOU!

Videos: Persuasive language

This week Miss Birmingham’s Literacy class have been learning about advertisements and how they use persuasive language.

They have learned about boasful language (making things sound great), and they have studied some TV adverts and holiday adverts.

Today we have learnt and rehearsed a advert for Disneyland Paris. They class created their own actions and images and learnt the whole article.

Well done to Josh for having a go by himself.

Joshua’s persuasive language attempt

Carvell and Levi’s persuasive language attempt

Sophie and Katie’s persuasive language attempt