Monthly Archives: April 2015

Weather reports


In preparation for making their own weather reports, Year 5 have been leaning about the specific language used during them.

They watched weather reports, whilst writing and sorting the language heard into sections of: technical vocabulary and time connectives.

After this they then moved groups to add any vocabulary that that group didn’t mange to get.

Next week, they will be creating their own weather reports using the language they have learnt so they can create the effects needed for the weather report. This will nicely incorporate the green screen.

St Georges day


In honour of St Georges day, Year 5 spent time in the afternoon painting idyllic scenes from the British Country side.

Although unfinished, you can see how they are using the correct water colour technique and will produce beautiful pictures when they finish next week.

Fantastic friends


This month’s value word is friendship. Because of this, Kestrels class have been thinking of what makes a friend.

We realised it wasn’t just being nice to someone because we do this whether we are friends or not. It’s about really listening and doing things to make each other happy even if this means keeping them out of trouble.

We discussed that real friends don’t make you do things to stay friends. And that friendship doesn’t mean you always have to agree with everything.