Monthly Archives: November 2017

Paper hearts

In Year 5 this morning we all had a paper heart and we thought of something that had been said to us that was hurtful.

We then scrunched up our paper hearts.

We then tried to flatten out our hearts. Year 5 noticed that they couldn’t be flattened out completely, there were still creases in the paper. We then discussed how mean words will stay with people and they affect our hearts and our feelings.

Anti-bullying week: What makas us different

Year 5 Kestrels started the week with a discussion about what makes us different. In pairs the children spoke about what was the same about themselves and their partner and what was different. These are some of the ideas they had…

Osama: I am a boy and Shayla is a girl.
Isaiah: I wear glasses and Millie doesn’t wear glasses.
Riley: Me and Katie have the same colour eyes.

We finished the day creating anti-bullying slogans and banners. The children all created their own ideas and got really stuck in and creative! We can’t wait to share them in our peaceful playground protest on Friday!

Using email

During Computing today, Year 5 Kestrels learned about emails and how they work. They learned that an email always has the ‘@'(at) symbol.

Every email address looks like this:

Kestrels then discussed the following points:
– Why do people use emails?
– Which are the advantages of using emails?
– Are there any disadvantages?
– Do you have an email account at home?

The class then discussed the risks of having email. They all agreeed that keeping passwords safe was important to ensure that no one can check your emails. And they added that hacking was another big risk in having your email.

The children then were given their own email address, which they will keep until they leave school. They will be able to use and explore email. Kestrels were so excited having their own emails and looked at the various types of folders Inbox, Drafts and Sent Items.

Children can access their emails from school and outside of school. The accounts are restricted so they cannot receive email from outside of school. And they are not able to send emails outside of the school domain. All emails are monitored.

Click here to login to your email account.

Writing weather scripts

In preparation for this week’s Computing lessons, Year 5 have been preparing their weather forecast scripts. First we watched a video to give us a better understanding of how to present a weather forecast.

Click here for a BBC weather forecast.

We then looked at key terminology and presenting styles and areas of maps ready for when we use the green screen.

We will present these in our Computing lesson in front of the green screen.

Using communication skills

In PSHE, Year 5 have been working on our communication skills. Through discussing a question we have engaged in discussion and listened to each others opinions.

We decided to discussion the question ‘Should we wear a school uniform?’ From this we had a mixture of votes for both yes and no and many reasons for each. Take a look at some of the ideas below…

We then had a go at some role play. In pairs each child had a go at being Mrs Butterworth and a child trying to persuade her to either keep or get rid of school uniform. Year 5 got really stuck into this and I heard some interesting debates.