Monthly Archives: June 2019

Turves Green school visit

Today, year 5 got to visit Turves Green boys and girls schools. The boys took part in various lessons such as: History, Geography and Computer Science. They had a fabulous time and met some nice children from other schools. There was even a prize won by Shakeel’s team for winning an activity involving snape. Well done Shakeel!

The girls also had a super day! They were greeted with sausage sandwiches, bagels and toast, and then had a great lesson making their own pitta pizzas. A lesson in Art, tie-dying tissue paper followed; the results were fabulous! The morning ended with 3 science experiments…take a look at the photos!

Creating a Ping Pong game – part 2

Year 5 have continued with their computing topic today to create a ping pong game using scratch. They have produced two sprites; a ball and a paddle. They have made the ball sprite move randomly by itself and the paddle sprite is moved by the up and down arrows.

They have used blocks to create a script for the game to follow, and are now becoming confident designing their own games.

Organs in the body

Year 5 continued with their Science topic today, learning about organs in the body. The children used a model wearing a replica of the inside of a human’s body to demonstrate their knowledge of our organs and where they are located. They then labelled all the organs and their functions. They have a fabulous knowledge now… well done year 5!

Creating a Ping Pong game – part 1

Today, Year 5 have started their new Computing topic of creating a game called ‘Ping Pong’ using Scratch. The children had a visit from Mr Baddhan, who talked them through the process, and the children have had a go at devising codes that will instruct the game to work correctly.

The children tried Mr Baddhan’s version of the game to see how it was put together. They decomposed some of the code to understand the various elements of the code for each sprite.

Take a look at the pictures so far…